Figure 4 of Wang, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1696-1704.

Figure 4. Relative thymidine incorporation and proliferation rates of svHCEC and efHCECs transduced with DUSP1 or 5 shRNAmirs or the DUSP6 ORF in the presence of 10 ng/ml EGF. A: Effects of DUSP transductions on svHCECs. B: Effects of DUSPs transductions efHCECs. C: Growth curves for the control svHCEC and the transduced cell lines. D: Effect of JNK1 shRNAmir on proliferation of svHCECs. Thymidine uptake data represents the mean±SEM of three independent experiments. The asterisks indicate p<0.01. Growth curves shown are for a single experiment representative of two independent measurements. Bars are the average deviation for the duplicates in the experiment shown.