Figure 1 of Cafaro, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1654-1658.

Figure 1. Elevated PAD2 and protein-bound citrulline immunoreactivity in glaucomatous optic nerve. A: Representative western analyses with monoclonal anti-PAD2 of protein extracts from human optic nerve tissue (~25 µg per lane) demonstrating the presence of elevated levels of PAD2 was detected in glaucomatous tissues. Lower panel shows the GAPDH immunoreactivity indicating equal protein loading. B: Western analyses with rabbit polyclonal antibody to citrulline (25 µg protein per lane). Prior to applying antibody, membrane with transferred proteins was treated with 2,3-butanedione monooxime and antipyrine in a strong acid environment to modify the protein-bound citrullines to enable the detection with the antibody. Proteins were extracted from the optic nerve of Caucasian cadaver donor eyes: age and gender are indicated.