Figure 3 of Kern, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1629-1639.

Figure 3. Diabetes of 4 months duration reduced the latency of rod-mediated b-waves in Sprague Dawley and Lewis strains, but not Wistar rats. Electroretinogram assessed responses to a bright flash in diabetic rats (solid circles) or age-matched nondiabetic controls (hollow circles). Peak amplitudes of rod mediated a- and b-wave latency (A) and amplitude (B) are graphed as a function of strobe flash intensity. Amplitude tended to be subnormal in all 3 diabetic strains, but results achieved statistical significance mainly at higher intensities. Group sizes were 5 for all measurements. †p<0.05 by repeated measures test. *p<0.05 by t-test between nondiabetic and diabetic at specified flash intensity. Mean±SEM.