Figure 5 of Goldstein, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1549-1569.

Figure 5. ADAM9 RNA expression profile in normal and crd3-affected retinas. Northern blot, RNA expression of ADAM9 in frontal lobe, brain of 15.7 weeks-old normal dog (Lane 1); brain of 7.7 weeks-old normal dog (Lane 2); retina of 10.4-weeks old normal dog (Lane 3); retina of 8.6-weeks old normal dog (Lane 4); spleen of 22.1-weeks-old normal dog (Lane 5); retina of 12-weeks old normal dog (Lane 6); and retina of 13.4-weeks-old crd3-affected dog (Lane 7). A single band is observed at approximately 4.0 Kb. ADAM9 is highly expressed in retinas not affected with crd3 (lanes 3, 4, and 6), and at lower levels in brain and spleen (lanes 1, 2, and 5). In crd3-affected retina (lane 7), the mutant allele is observed as a slightly smaller band, and its level of expression appears slightly reduced compared to the normal.