Figure 3 of Joy, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1453-1466.

Figure 3. Scaled 3D-CAD animation summarizing the growth, changes in suture pattern and opacity formation in the RCS/Lav rat lenses. The animation begins with the normal posterior Y suture pattern at 2 weeks postnatal and follows the changes through 7–8 weeks postnatal, when the PSC completely obscures the suture. The changes in suture pattern begin as early as 3 weeks postnatal and continue to be altered with age. The loss of transparency is first seen as a sutural opacity at around 5 weeks of age, progressing to a large PSC by 7–8 weeks postnatal. Note that the slide bar at the bottom of the quicktime movie can be used to manually control the flow of the movie. If you are unable to view the movie, a representative frame for each movie is included below.