Figure 7 of Viiri, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1399-1414.

Figure 7. Western blotting analysis for evaluating the effects of p62 or hsp70 RNA interference on LC3 levels in ARPE-19 cells treated with bafilomycin. A: The cells were exposed simultaneously to 50 nM bafilomycin and the transfection reagent, nonsilencing RNA, hsp70 siRNA, or p62 siRNA for 24 h. The untreated control is represented by 0, while tr. stands for transfection reagent, negative for nonsilencing siRNA, hsp70, and p62 for silencing siRNAs. α-tubulin staining was used to ensure equal loading of proteins. B: Normalization against α-tubulin. C: The ratio of a lipidated LC3-II to a nonlipidated LC3-I. Experiments were repeated two independent times.