Figure 1 of Suzuki, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1382-1388.

Figure 1. Impact of EPA on firm leukocyte adhesion in the retinal vessels during EIU. A: Representative micrographs of flatmounted retinas from normal control mice (a,b), vehicle-treated EIU mice (c,d) and EPA-treated (50 mg/kg BW) EIU mice (e,f) at 24 h after treatment and EIU-induction. Firmly adhering leukocytes in the retinal vasculature were visualized by perfusion with ConA. Arrows indicate firmly adhering leukocytes in the inflamed retinal vasculature (c-e). Scale bars=100 µm. B: Quantification of firm adhering leukocytes in the retinal vessels. Values are means±SEM (n=9 to 16). †p<0.01.