Figure 1 of Hoang, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1343-1352.

Figure 1. Membrane currents recorded from single cells in response to depolarizing voltage steps from a holding potential of −20 mV, and stepped in 10 mV increments from −10 mV to +60 mV. The oocytes were injected with 46 nl of an aqueous solution containing an antisense nucleotide to the endogenous Cx (Cx38) normally expressed by Xenopus oocytes, either alone (A) or along with (B) 13 ng of the cRNA encoding Cx43, (C) a similar concentration of Cx46, and (D) a mixture containing 13 ng each of Cx43 and Cx46. Note that the outward currents typical of hemichannel activity were absent from oocytes receiving either the antisense oligomer or Cx43.