Figure 2 of Hilal, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1215-1226.

Figure 2. Detection of three novel CYP1B1 mutations in Moroccan PCG families by direct DNA sequencing. Sequencing results of probands from families PCG-101 (A), PCG-100, and PCG-64 (B) and PCG-84 (C). Chromatogram of a heterozygous subject for g.4330–4331delG is shown in C. The names of the mutations and their corresponding amino-acid change are indicated above each chromatogram. Control sequences are shown for comparison purposes. Arrows indicate the changed nucleotides and curley bracket the deleted nucleotides in the g.4330–4331delTG allele. Because of the presence of a three GT repeat in this region, it is not possible to determine exactly which of the positions is deleted. Therefore, the position of this deletion was arbitrarily indicated. Htr: heterozygous mutation and Hmz: homozygous mutation.