Figure 1 of Hilal, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1215-1226.

Figure 1. Pedigrees of PCG families with CYP1B1 or MYOC mutations. A: Families with the CYP1B1 novel mutation (p.R163C, p.C470Y, and g.4330–4331delTG) identified in this study. B: Family PCG-40 with the CYP1B1 p.R390S mutation showing variable expression of the PCG phenotype. The proband (PCG-40-IV.6) was affected with PCG, while his uncle (PCG-40-III.1; gray symbol) developed POAG at the age of 45. C: Family PCG-9 with MYOC mutation. Deceased individuals are denoted by diagonal slashes, and consanguineous marriages by double lines. Asterisks indicate probands. Genotypes in available subjects are indicated below the symbols. delG: g.4339delG, delTG: g.4430–4431delTG, w: normal allele.