Table 6 of Ogando, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1004-1018.

Table 6. Sequencing analysis of the selected Chr10 QTL candidate genes.

Gene Non-syn Syn 5UTR 3UTR
Hebp2 0 C306T (ss161109845) C546G (ss161109846) G600A (ss161109847) A22G
(ss161109838) C44G
(ss161109839) A124G
(ss161109840) T147C
(ss161109841) A198T
(ss161109842) G208C (ss161109843) G219A (ss161109844) G1687A (ss161109848)
Perp 0 0 0 T816C (ss161109849) G1130T (ss161109850) (-)1139TA (ss161109851) T1325C (ss161109852) T1573C (ss161109853) T1876C (ss161109854)
Tnfaip3 A2114C (E627A) (ss161109862) T2330C (L699P) (ss161109863) 0 G148C (ss161109861) T4117G (ss161109864) T4123C (ss161109865) T4238C (ss161109866)
Map3k5 0 T437G (ss161109867) C926T (ss161109868) G3431A (ss161109869) C3483T (ss161109870) 0 0
Ahi1 0 G2346A (ss161109872) 0 (-)3323G