Figure 1 of Zangerl, Mol Vis 2009; 15:927-936.

Figure 1. Quality control for retinal clones on the RHDF5000–2 panel. A total of 555 retinal clones were amplified from 118 cell lines representing the RHDF5000–2 panel. For each locus, we assessed both, the overall number of cell lines that could unambiguously be scored, and the number of cell lines amplifying the respective EST, for quality. Half of the loci were scored in each individual line with the balance of loci missing only few scores (A). The respective retention frequency resulting from amplification scores, on average, was 0.22 and showed a distribution that is similar to previously published data [12] using this panel (B). The good quality performance of EST amplification resulted in highly supported linkage to known markers (C) with most of the LOD scores above 10.