Figure 3 of Zhao, Mol Vis 2009; 15:826-832.

Figure 3. Analysis of the splice mutaion in intron 17. A: The alignment of the FBN1 sequence with the corresponding segments in diverse species is displayed. The nucleotide G is conserved in FBN1 proteins from several species. The sequence was selected by UCSC Genome Browser. Note that FBN1 is located at the minus strand, and the nucleotide sequence of this genomic region is represented by the plus strand. The 'Mammal Cons’ is a conservation measurement. B: The walker diagram of 3′ (acceptor) splice site in intron 17 and its adjacent sequence is shown. The wild-type sequence is at the top. Bases in splice sites are shown in the corresponding walker diagram. The arrow points to the mutant sequence with the G to T base change and shows the change from a positive contribution by the G to a near zero contribution of the T.