Figure 2 of Gesslein, Mol Vis 2009; 15:737-746.

Figure 2. PKC protein levels in the retinal arteries and neuroretina. Phosphorylated and total PKCα, PKCβ1, and PKCβ2 protein expression levels, assessed by western blot, in (A) retinal arteries and (B) neuroretina, in eyes subjected to ischemia and 12 (n=7) or 20 (n=5) hours of reperfusion versus sham-operated eyes. The right panels are representative examples of western blots of neuroretina and retinal arteries from animals in the 20 h of reperfusion group. Values are presented as mean values±SEM. Statistical comparison was performed using Student’s paired ratio t-test (ischemia–reperfusion versus sham) with Bonferroni correction. Exact p-values are given in the figure.