Figure 2 of Ramírez, Mol Vis 2009; 15:713-721.

Figure 2. NMDA induces postnatal Müller-derived progenitor proliferation. A-D: Photomicrographs show neurospheres double-labeled with nestin and BrdU (A) or single-labeled with BrdU (B), nestin (C), and merge (D). E-F: Dissociated BrdU-labeled cells that received no treatment (E) or 500 μM NMDA (F). G: Quantification of BrdU positive cells after no treatment, 50–100–500 μM NMDA or glutamate, 50 μM antagonist MK801 or 100 μM NMDA plus antagonist. H-I: Photomicrographs show dissociated Ki67-labeled cells after no treatment (H) or 500 μM NMDA (I). J: Quantification of Ki67 positive cells after no treatment, 100–500 μM NMDA or glutamate, and 500 μM NMDA plus 50 μM MK801. Calibration bar equals 50 μm in A, E, and H, and 200 μm in B. Data represent mean±SEM of 300 cells counted on nonoverlapping fields in three experiments. Asterisk (*) indicates p<0.05 and double asterisk (**) p<0.01 compared to control.