Figure 4 of Chen, Mol Vis 2009; 15:563-576.

Figure 4. T cell distribution in the ocular surface of Aire-deficient mice. Assemblage of low magnification images showing anatomic locations analyzed in Aire−/− (A) and Aire+/− (B) mice. Cj=conjunctiva; Lm=limbus; Co=cornea (paracentral and central). Immunohistochemistry of CD4+ (C,D) and CD8+ T (E,F) cells demonstrates both epithelial (white arrow) and stromal (black arrow) infiltration of the ocular surface in Aire−/−. Aire+/− controls exhibited no cell-mediated inflammation at the locations analyzed. Bar, 100 μm. G: Time course of CD4+ and CD8+ cell density in Aire−/− and Aire+/−. Data are shown as mean±SD. An asterisk indicates that p<0.05, CD4+Aire+/− versus CD4+Aire−/−. The symbol, †, indicates that p<0.05, CD8+Aire+/− versus CD8+Aire−/−.