Figure 7 of Jin, Mol Vis 2009; 15:523-533.

Figure 7. Fluctuation of miR-182 target gene expression in the KO and wild-type mice. A: The Z ratios for genes were calculated between the KO and wild-type mice and the genes were classified into five groups. The average frequencies of the 3′ UTR sequences targeted by miR-182 were calculated in each group and the fold enrichment compared with all of the genes was obtained. Four different complementary sequences were used to analyze the potential miR-182 5′ seeds: n2–6 (GCCAA), n2–7 (TGCCAA), n1–7 (TGCCAAA), n1–8 (TTGCCAAA). B: The activity change (AC) scores of 398 miRNAs were calculated using the signal log ratios of genes from the wild-type and KO mice. The AC scores of miR-182 (−6.16) is marked with a red bar.