Figure 1 of McBrien, Mol Vis 2009; 15:464-475.

Figure 1. Muscarinic receptor subtype gene expression in the tree shrew eye. RT–PCR and tree shrew-specific primers were used to amplify mAChR subtypes in tree shrew corneal, iris/ciliary body, retinal, choroidal, and scleral tissue samples as well as in cultured scleral fibroblasts. Products corresponding to the muscarinic receptor subtypes, CHRM1 (365 bp), CHRM2 (197 bp), CHRM3 (325 bp), CHRM4 (394 bp), and CHRM5 (173 bp), were amplified in most tissue cDNA samples (+) while the corresponding total RNA was used to control for genomic contamination (-). Nucleic acid size markers in base pairs are indicated.