Figure 2 of Abukawa, Mol Vis 2009; 15:451-457.

Figure 2. Alkaline phosphatase activity in TR-iBRB2 cells. Effects of transfilter co-culture with TR-MUL5 cells (A) and soluble factors secreted from TR-MUL5 cells (B) on the activity of alkaline phosphatase in TR-iBRB2 cells. A: TR-MUL5 cells were situated on the basolateral aspect of TR-iBRB2 cell monolayers as might occur in vivo and cells were co-cultured for six days. B: TR-iBRB2 cells were cultured in the conditioned medium of TR-MUL5 cells (MUL-CM) for 24 h. Each column represents the mean±SEM (n=3). Asterisk represents p<0.01, significantly different from the control.