Figure 6 of Martin, Mol Vis 2009; 15:362-372.

Figure 6. Analysis of GPR109A mRNA and protein expression in primary RPE cells isolated from mouse retina. A: This phase-contrast image is representative of the morphology of mouse primary retinal pigment epithelium (mRPE) after 6 days in culture. B: In this panel, the morphology of mRPE cells is shown at higher magnification. C: mRPE cells incubated with antibody against CRALBP were positive for this RPE/Müller cell marker. D: mRPE cells incubated with antibody against the RPE-specific cellular marker, RPE-65, were highly positive. E: RT–PCR analysis of RNA collected from mRPE cells detected robust GPR109A mRNA expression. F: Incubation of mRPE cells with anti-GPR109A antibody yielded positive signals. G: No signal was detected in mRPE cells incubated with primary GPR109A antibody neutralized by incubation with excess antigenic peptide.