Table 1 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2911-2918.

Table 1. Genomic information of the 10 genes referred in this study.

Gene Genomic DNA mRNA Protein
BMP4 NC_000014.8 NM_001202.3 NP_001193.2
VSX2 NC_000014.8 NM_182894.2 NP_878314.1
CRYBA4 NC_000022.10 NM_001886.2 NP_001877.1
GDF6 NC_000008.10 NM_001001557.1 NP_001001557.1
OTX2 NC_000014.8 NM_021728.2 NP_068374.1
RAX NC_000018.9 NM_013435.2 NP_038463.2
SIX3 NC_000002.11 NM_005413.2 NP_005404.1
SIX6 NC_000014.8 NM_007374.2 NP_031400.2
SOX2 NC_000003.11 NM_003106.2 NP_003097.1
LRP6 NC_000012.11 NM_002336.2 NP_002327.2