Figure 1 of Ogilvie, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2868-2878.

Figure 1. Dopamine receptor deletion does not alter photoreceptor cell survival in rd1 retinas in vivo. Retinas from wild-type (A), rd1/rd1 (B), D1−/−, rd1/rd1 (C), D2−/−, rd1/rd1 (D), D4−/−, rd1/rd1 (E), and D5−/−, rd1/rd1 (F) mice were harvested at postnatal day 21. The ONL of rd1/rd1 retinas was reduced to a monolayer of photoreceptors, regardless of DR genotype. Abbreviations: outer segments (OS); inner segments (IS); outer nuclear layer (ONL); outer plexiform layer (OPL); inner nuclear layer (INL); inner plexiform layer (IPL); ganglion cell layer (GCL). The scale bar represents 10 μm.