Figure 3 of Kim, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2803-2812.

Figure 3. Correlation between the expression of FcRn receptor and the serum concentration of intravitreally administered bevacizumab. A: Real-time RT–PCR study in rats demonstrated a 1.82-fold upregulation of FcRn mRNA expression in laser-photocoagulated retinas, relative to normal retinas (n=5, p=0.001). B: The serum concentration of bevacizumab in the laser-photocoagulated group (832 ng/ml) was higher than that in the control group (279 ng/ml) 5 h post intravitreal administration of 2 µl bevacizumab at 25 mg/ml (n=4; p<0.05). The error bars are standard error of the mean.