Figure 3 of Koilkonda, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2796-2802.

Figure 3. Fluorescence microscopy ND4FLAG. Confocal microscopy of a retinal flat mount from an eye injected with the scAAV-ND4FLAG packaged in VP3 capsids with the tyrosine to phenylalanine transition at position 444 revealed many cells were labeled with the anti-FLAG antibody (A). RGCs expressing Thy1.2 (B) colocalized with ND4FLAG expressing cells are shown (C). Confocal imaging of longitudinal cross-sections of the retina revealed ND4FLAG immunofluorescence within the RGC layer (D). Immunofluorescent labeling of Thy1.2 positive cells with cy2 was somewhat fading by the time of confocal imaging of cryosectioned retina (E). A merged panel counterstained with DAPI shows ND4FLAG immunofluorescence within the RGC layer (F). Abbreviations: INL represents inner nuclear layer, RGC represents retinal ganglion cell. Scale bar equals to 50 µm.