Figure 2 of Gao, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2683-2695.

Figure 2. PKCα and PKCδ, are the only isoforms translocated by PMA in RPE cells. A: Shown is a western blot analysis of the subcellular distribution between cytosolic and membrane fractions of the nine PKC isoforms expressed in RPE cells. RPE protein extracts were fractionated into cytosolic (C) and particulate (P) fractions; 80 µg of protein was loaded in each well. Only PKCα and PKCδ were translocated in response to PMA. PKCδ was completely downregulated by proteolytic degradation by 6 h of treatment, while PKCα was translocated from the cytosolic to the particulate fraction from 3 h to 24 h. Note that in the doublet obtained for PKCδ, only the upper band (78 kDa) is the active form of the enzyme. B: Optical density of PKCα determined by densitometric imaging is shown (Mean±SD; n=4). The contents at different time points are statistically different (F=2.337, p<0.05). The β-actin band with 42 kDa is used for quantitation.