Figure 3 of Kozulin, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2649-2662.

Figure 3. Optical densitometry profiles of Eph-A6 mRNA expression. A-C: At Fd 55, Eph-A6 is expressed in all cell layers at each location, but at higher levels in the outer nuclear layer (ONL) compared to other layers. D-F: By Fd 80, Eph-A6 mRNA is higher in the ganglion cell layer (GCL) than other layers. The mRNA is also higher at the fovea and rim locations compared to nasal (F). At the fovea (D) and rim (E) locations there is a gradient of Eph-A6 mRNA in the GCL, with significantly higher levels of mRNA labeling present in the inner GCL, and lower levels in the outer GCL (*p<0.0001, Mann–Whitney test). G-J: A similar gradient of mRNA expression was detected in the fovea and rim locations in a Fd 110 retina. K-L: Eph-A6 mRNA expression remains relatively high in the GCL at Fd 145 at the fovea (K) and on the rim (L), where an inner-to-outer gradient of expression in the GCL is still detected. Eph-A6 expression is relatively lower and uniform nasal to the fovea (M). Abbreviations: inner nuclear layer (INL); inner plexiform layer (IPL).