Figure 2 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2498-2502.

Figure 2. Clinical photographs of affected family members with LCD I. A and B: Slit lamp appearance of a cornea of a proband at 16 years of age shows distinct refractile lattice lines and diffuse opacification in the subepithelial and anterior stromal layer in the left eye. C: The photograph demonstrates central anterior stromal clouding in the proband’s right eye. D: The photograph shows lattice opacities with the appearance of new vessels in the subepithelial and anterior stromal cornea of the proband’s mother, with recurrent disease in the right eye. E: The image of the proband’s mother reveals thick linear opacities and diffuse grayish-white clouding, which partly covers the original lattice lines within the central area of the cornea in the left eye.