Figure 1 of Luna, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2488-2497.

Figure 1. Pathway analysis of changes in gene expression induced by miR-29b. Genes showing changes in expression higher than 1.5 fold (p<0.05) after transfection with miR-29b mimic using Affymetrix U133A2 arrays were analyzed with Metacore pathway analysis. The canonical pathway maps used in this analysis represent a set of 650 signaling and metabolic maps generated from the GeneGo database (GeneGo,St. Joseph, MI). The figure shows the 10 canonical pathways most significantly affected by transfection with miR-29b mimic compared to controls. In the figure, ECM represents extracellular matrix; TGF represents transforming growth factor; EGFR represents epidermal growth factor; and GPCRs represents G protein-coupled receptors.