Figure 2 of Kato, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2470-2474.

Figure 2. Mutational analysis of CYP1B1. Nucleotide sequence of the mutant parts of the exon 2 (left-hand side) and UTR (right hand-side) of CYP1B1 were shown. The nucleotide sequence change in codon 93 is from CCG to CGG (arrows) that resulted in the amino acid arginine (CGG) instead of normal proline (CCG). This missense mutation is present in the normal (heterozygote, A), affected (heterozygote, C), carrier (heterozygote, D) and also in two affected and three normal dogs (homozygote, B). The substitution polymorphism in the 5’-UTR (arrows) is present in all animals tested (right-hand side).