Figure 1 of Bassnett, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2448-2463.

Figure 1. MudPIT analysis of the lens fiber cell membrane proteome. A: More than 200 membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins were identified. The ten proteins of highest apparent abundance are indicated. For each protein, the number shown in parentheses is the lens preferred expression index (LPEI), a measure of the relative level of expression of the RNA for that protein in the lens compared to a panel of 96 other tissues and cell types (see text for details). The percentage value for each protein relates to its representation on that particular pie chart. B: Eighty-seven integral membrane proteins were detected. Six proteins (including three connexin proteins; Gja3, Gja8, Gje1) account for >75% of the integral plasma membrane proteins detected in MudPIT analysis of lens fiber membranes.