Figure 6 of Jaworski, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2421-2434.

Figure 6. Immunfluorescence of SA100A9 and A6 shows differential expression in pterygium and normal cornea. S100A9 and S100A6 immunfluorescence are shown in red, and nuclei are DAPI labeled in blue. CE, corneal epithelium; Pt, pterygium; Cj, conjunctiva. Panels AC show results for S100A9, and panels DF show results for S100A6. A: S100A9 in normal corneal epithelium. B: S100A9 in pterygium body. C: S100A9 in pterygium/conjunctiva boundary. D: S100A6 in normal corneal epithelium. E: S100A6 in pterygium leading edge. F: S100A6 in pterygium body. SA100A9 is clearly detectable in the conjunctiva and in the pterygium but is absent from normal corneal epithelium while SA100A6 is most abundant in corneal epithelium and is at much lower levels in pterygium and conjunctiva.