Figure 2 of Jaworski, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2421-2434.

Figure 2. Immunofluorescence shows the localization of keratin 12 and 13 in normal ocular surface and pterygium. Krt12 is labeled in red, Krt13 in green, and nuclei are DAPI labeled in blue. A: Krt12 and Krt13 are segregated in corneal epithelium and conjunctival epithelium with a boundary at the limbus: Cj, conjunctiva; Lm, limbus; Ce, corneal epithelium. B: DAPI staining of (A) indicates the nuclei of conjunctiva, limbal region, and cornea. C: Corneal  epithelium Ce, is Krt12 positive.  The leading edge of a pterygium, Le, has mixed Krt12- and Krt13-positive cells. D: DAPI stain of (C) shows the nuclei of the leading edge region and cornea.