Figure 5 of Jing, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2306-2312.

Figure 5. Overexpressioin of TFPI-2 reduces hTCF migration in the scratch-wound assay. A-I: Phase contrast images of migration of F-P and F-TFPI-2 treated with or without anti-TFPI-2 antibodies wounded with 1 mm strips at day T0, T1, and T2. Bars, 200 μm. J: Quantification of cell migration at day T1 and T2. Mean values from 3 different experiments are shown for F-P, F-TFPI-2 with or without anti-TFPI-2 Ab in culture medium. The double asterisk denotes a significant difference from F-P and F-TFPI-2 treated with anti-TFPI-2 antibodies versus F-TFPI-2 at p<0.001.