Figure 4 of Jing, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2306-2312.

Figure 4. Effect of TFPI-2 on the migration of hTCFs on collagen gel. A-D: Cells from F-P and F-TFPI-2 were cultured on a restrained collagen gels in the initial spheroids. They were allowed to migrate for 1 day, and then were viewed under a microscope. E: An equal amount of F-P and F-TFPI-2 cells were inoculated on the collagen gels and the changes in the areas occupied by cells were monitored for 14 d. The multiple of the initial area by the migration of cells from the center of the spheroids to the monolayers was measured using a microscope calibrated with a stage and ocular micrometer. The data shown are the mean value±SD of the results of three independent experiments from each group. The double asterisk indicates a p value of <0.001, for the Student’s t-test. F-I: Representative images of at the center and periphery of the collagen gels are of the migration of F-P and F-TFPI-2 after 14 d.