Figure 2 of Sheu, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1897-1905.

Figure 2. The experimental scheme of topical VS application for laser-induced CNV. A: Therapeutic efficacy was assessed by flat mount analysis. CNV was induced by laser photocoagulation on day 0 and validated on day 21 by FAG analysis. The animals (n=8) were euthanized on day 24 to measure CNV extent by flat mount analysis. B: In serial FAG analysis, CNV was induced by laser photocoagulation at day 0. From day 1 to 20 after induction, the animals were either left untreated (CNV control group, n=8) or treated with VS eye drops (1 μg/ml in PBS; CNV+VS group, n=8), or PBS vehicle (CNV+PBS group; n=8) three times per day.