Figure 1 of Wurm, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1858-1867.

Figure 1. Osmotic swelling of Müller glial cells in slices of the wild-type mouse retina. A: Perfusion of slices of a freshly isolated retina with a hypoosmolar solution, containing 60% of control osmolarity, in the absence (control) and presence of 1 mM barium chloride resulted in a time-dependent swelling of Müller cell somata. The diagram displays the mean (±SEM) cross-sectional area of the somata (n=3 each). Inset images in A show original records of dye-filled Müller cell somata obtained before (left) and during (right) perfusion with the barium-containing hypoosmolar solution. Scale bars represents 5 µm. B: Hypoosmotic exposure for 4 min evoked swelling of Müller cell somata in slices of freshly isolated retinas in the presence but not absence of 1 mM barium chloride. Müller cells in slices of retinal organ cultures displayed soma swelling under both conditions. Data are mean (±SEM) soma areas (n=7–21 cells per bar) expressed in percent of the soma size recorded before hypoosmotic challenge (100%). Significant increases in the soma area: The double asterisk indicates a p<0.01 and the triple asterisk indicates a p<0.001.