Figure 6 of Sekimukai, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1764-1773.

Figure 6. TUNEL-positive cells. A: In untreated retinas from rd1 mice, almost all TUNEL-positive cells were found in ONLs while few were found in INLs. B: There were few TUNEL-positive cells in retinas transfected for ASK-1 siRNA-2. C: The transfection of ASK-1 siRNA-2 significantly decreased TUNEL-positive cells compared with untransfected retinas from rd1 mice on day 4 (P13) and day 7 (P16). Filled column denotes control rd1 mouse retina, and open column indicates rd1 mouse retina transfected for siRNA-2. Data are presented as the average±SD of three independent experiments.