Figure 2 of Pras, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1709-1716.

Figure 2. Clinical finding’s in CORD family 42001. Clinical pictures from affected family members showing classical features of CORD. Fundus photographs from individual 4200103 aged 19. Bull’s-eye macular atrophy is shown in photographs A (right eye), B (left eye), and D (left eye “red-free” photograph). The macula in this individual has a peri-foveal ring of RPE hypertrophy bordered centrally and peripherally with RPE atrophy. Fluorescein angiogram imaging demonstrating a ring of block-fluorescence by the RPE hypertrophy, bordered centrally and peripherally by hyper-fluorescence, due to RPE atrophy (“window-defect”; right eye- E, and left eye- F). “Red-free” imaging of peripheral retina, demonstrates pigment clumps (C). Goldman perimetry from family member 4200105 exhibiting concentric constriction of visual fields to 40 degrees temporally, and 30 degrees nasally. Red isopter’s stimulus is IVe4, blue isopter’s stimulus is IVe3 and a green isopters stimulus is IVe2 (Left eye G and right eye H).