Figure 5 of Liang, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1690-1699.

Figure 5. Conjunctival imprints evaluated by flow cytometry for CD45-positive cells after multiple instillations at H4, and assessed after cytospin centrifugation. The inflammatory marker clearly showed the highest expression in BAC-containing eye drops (A). PBS- and LCEm- instilled groups had only a basal level of expression. CD45-positive cells (green) after instillations of BAC+latanoprost (B) were viewed after propidium iodide staining (red) and cytospin centrifugation. The scale bar indicates 50 μm. The asterisk indicates a p<0.05 compared with BAC+latanoprost-instilled group. The double asterisk indicates a p<0.02 compared with BAC+latanoprost-instilled group.