Figure 3 of Liang, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1690-1699.

Figure 3. IVCM images of rabbit CALT after instillations with different PG eye drops. IVCM images of rabbit CALT at H4 after BAC+latanoprost (A), BAC+travoprost (B), BAC+bimatoprost (C), PBS (D), or LCEm (E) instillations. Numerous inflammatory cells were observed infiltrating the periphery and center of the CALT structure, especially after the instillation of BAC+latanoprost. LCEm did not induce any obvious inflammatory cell infiltration, as in the PBS-instilled eyes. The scale bar indicates 100 μm. New IVCM scale including CALT description shows the following toxicity order (F): BAC+latanoprost > BAC+travoprost > BAC+bimatoprost at H4. There was no significant difference between the PBS and LCEm groups at all times. The asterisk indicates a p<0.0001 compared with BAC+latanoprost. The double asterisk indicates a p<0.003 compared with BAC+latanoprost and the sharp indicates a p<0.0002 compared with BAC+travoprost.