Figure 1 of Biswas, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1599-1610.

Figure 1. Concentration dependency for imatinib-induced phenotypic changes in RGC-5 cells. Subconfluent RGC-5 cells were maintained in complete medium (+FBS) or serum-free medium (-FBS) for 48 h, during which time the cells were exposed to increasing concentrations of imatinib (1 µM to 30 µM; A, B). In addition, serum-free medium (-FBS) was supplemented with either 30 ng/ml PDGF or 30 nM insulin during RGC-5 cell exposure to imatinib (C, D). The apoptotic phenotype was then assessed by nuclear DAPI staining (fluorescence microscopy) and morphological changes (phase-contrast microscopy). The images shown are representative of 4 to 5 separate experiments.