Table 2 of El-Gayar, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1325-1331.

Table 2. Clinical details in study patients with primary congenital glaucoma II.

Clinical parameter Data range (n=18 PCG patients)
Age of onset at birth–1 month*
Age at diagnosis at birth–12 years
Age currently 6 months–26 years
Corneal diameter horizontally [mm] 9–19
Intraocular pressure [mmHg] 12–45
Cup-disk ratio 0.0–1.0
Axial length [mm] 18.47->30 (and phthisis bulbi in some cases)
Pachymetry central [µm] 465–816
Refraction as spherical equivalent [D] +0.5 to −11.9
Visual acuity [decimal] No Light Perception–1.0