Figure 4 of Crooke, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1169-1178.

Figure 4. Effect of P2Y2-R siRNA on Ap4A-induced migration of corneal epithelial cells. SIRC cells were incubated for 72 h with transfection reagent alone (control), P2Y2-R siRNA #1, or P2Y2-R siRNA #2 and then wounded with a pipette tip in the presence or absence of Ap4A. The graphs (A and B) show the variation of the wounded area versus time and the estimated migration rates (EMR) of cells transfected with siRNA 1 and siRNA 2, respectively, in the presence of Ap4A (P2Y2-R siRNA+Ap4A). Ap4A accelerated the rate of healing in cells transfected with transfection reagent alone (control+Ap4A) compared with the rate of both P2Y2-R siRNA-transfected cells in the presence of Ap4A (P2Y2-R siRNA+Ap4A). Three asterisks indicate p<0.0001 when compared to the control, and two asterisks indicate p<0.001 when compared to Ap4A alone.