Figure 3 of Kawashima, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1162-1168.

Figure 3. Expression of nucleostemin in primary mouse corneal epithelial culture. Immunostaining against nucleostemin with progenitor (p63), proliferative (Ki67), basal cell (K14), and differentiation marker (involucrin) was performed in primary mouse corneal epithelial culture. The result showed that p63 was mostly overlapped with nucleostemin expression. Ki67 was only expressed in small population of nucleostemin positive cells with small nucleus. K14 was expressed in most of the attached cells accompanied with nucleostemin expression, but some cell showed K14 positive but nucleostemin negative. (indicated by the asteriak) Involucrin was not expressed in nuclestemin positive cells completely. The bars indicate 100μm.