Figure 2 of Kawashima, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1162-1168.

Figure 2. Expression pattern of nucleostemin with cytokeratin in mouse corneal epithelium in vivo. Immunostaining against nucleostemin with cytokeratin 19 (K19), K14, and K12 was performed in mouse corneal epithelium was performed. A: K19 was expressed in basal limbal epithelial layer, but nucleostemin was expressed in basal layer of cornea and linmbus. B: K14 expression was observed in suparabasal- and basal layer as nucleostemin, but nucleostemin expression was deteced in more cells than K14. K12 was observed in whole corneal layers in central and limbal location (C), and nucleostemin expression was similarly detected in central cornea and limbus. The bars indicate 20 (B) or 50 μm (A and C).