Figure 5 of Sharif, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1153-1161.

Figure 5. Differential temporal changes in [Ca2+]i in HCECs exposed to PAF. A: The pseudocolor ratio images of fura-2 loaded HCECs show time-dependent changes of [Ca2+]i after 10 nM PAF treatment. PAF was added at time 0. The spectrum on the right indicates a calculated calcium concentration represented by each color. Note that [Ca2+]i of cells #1 and #2 oscillated after an initial peak whereas cell #3 mainly had a sustained elevation of calcium concentration during the 15 min recording. B: Temporal changes in [Ca2+]i in the HCECs exposed to 10 nM PAF are shown. PAF was administered at time 0. The oscillatory nature of [Ca2+]i mobilization is readily apparent in cell #1 and #2.