Figure 2 of Sharif, Mol Vis 2009; 15:1153-1161.

Figure 2. Representative different calcium responses of HCECs to PAF. PAF (10 nM) was added at 0 min. The y-axis shows the intensity ratio of fluorescence at the two excitation wavelengths of a single cell. High ratio indicates higher [Ca2+]i. A depicts a minimal response of a cell to PAF. B shows a rapid response to PAF followed by a relatively rapid decay of the [Ca2+]i mobilization response. C displays a PAF-induced [Ca2+]i mobilization response that lasts for at least 16 min. D shows an apparent oscillatory [Ca2+]i mobilization pattern in an HCEC. The basal control effects with just the vehicle resembled the lack of response in A.