Figure 2 of Liška, Mol Vis 2008; 14:823-828.

Figure 2. Eyes of Dca rats. A: Whole eyeball preparations from mutant homozygotes (Dca/Dca), heterozygotes (+/Dca), and wild type controls (+/+) are shown. Heterozygotes show well developed nuclear cataract while the mutant homozygotes display microphthalmia. B: Eye weight is shown for each (mutant homozygotes, heterozygotes, and wild type controls). The data represent means±SEM of the average weight of the left and right eye. The differences are significant (ANOVA F=290.7, p=0, post-hoc comparison with Spjotvoll-Stoline honest significant difference test yielded p=0.00011 among all pairs). The Dca allele decreases eye size in an approximately additive manner. Dca/Dca homozygotes, n=52, 0.0538±0.0012 g; +/Dca homozygotes, n=51, 0.0781±0.0012 g; WT=+/+ (wild-type) controls, n=13, 0.1128±0.0019 g.