Figure 4 of Liu, Mol Vis 2008; 14:762-773.

Figure 4. RT–PCR to detect the mRNA levels for the regulatory subunits of PP2A-Aα, PP2A-Aβ, PP2A-Bα, PP2A-Bβ, and PP2A-Bγ in the retina, lens epithelium, lens fiber, and cornea of the mouse eye. RT–PCR was conducted as described in Figure 1. The primers used in the present studies are described in Table 1. The primers for each PP-2A regulatory subunit and for β-actin were added to the reactions at the same time. The 398 bp DNA band for the PP2A-Aα mRNA, the 391 bp DNA band for PP2A-Aβ, the 413 bp DNA band for PP2A-Bα, the 317 bp DNA band for PP2A-Bβ, and the 465 bp DNA band for PP2A-Bγ mRNA were all expressed at the highest levels in the retina, at reduced levels (PP2A-Aβ, PP2A-Bα, and PP2A-Bγ) or barely detectable levels (PP2A-Aα and PP2ABβ) in the cornea, and at much reduced levels (PP2A-Aβ and PP2A-Bγ), barely detectable levels (PP2A-Bα and PP2A-Bβ), or absent (PP2A-Aα) in the lens epithelium or fiber cells. As an internal control, a β-actin DNA band of 242-bp is also amplified.