Table 1 of Craig, Mol Vis 2008; 14:721-726.

Table 1. Clinical features of the five affected males.

Clinical features III:4 III:8 III:12 IV:3 IV:15
Cataract Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Morphology N/A Mild lamellar + nuclear N/A Lamellar + nuclear with prominent sutures and white dots Mild nuclear with cortical blue dots
Age and Diagnosis 20 22 11 4 9
Age at surgery 41 Not yet operated 19 16 17
Other ocular problems None None Glaucoma Astigmatism Myopic astigmatism
Dental features Edentulous Pyramidal incisors Crowding, pyramidal incisors Crowding, orthodontic work Crowding, orthodontic work
Other features None None High arched palate None High arched palate, narrow face, maxillary hypoplasia, prominent ears